Take the First Step in Mastering the Service Supply Chain

Customer expectations have changed. They demand more and companies that meet the demand while managing cost win more. Are you facing challenges you don’t know how to solve in spare parts management?

Download this white paper to uncover solution options within the service supply chain. Don’t know what we mean? The paper covers it in detail with explanations of the services that make up the service supply chain.

Learn more about:

  • Global service supply chain solutions
  • Supply chain technology options
  • Trade compliance (IOR/EOR)
  • Product fulfillment/transformation
  • Service logistics 
  • Repair services 
  • The Flash difference 

What is the Service Supply Chain? Watch now:

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As a high-tech OEM, your total cost of ownership, visibility into spare parts management and SLAs with global customers is everything.  We have decades of experience to help you solve core service parts challenges.


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