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Welcome to our FlashTrac Release Notes! Here, you can view our most current feature updates, as well as see past release notes in our archiving section.
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5.2.1 - December 19, 2018

4.3.1 - October 27, 2018

4.2.1 - October 2, 2018

4.1 - September 26, 2018

3.1 - August 22, 2018

DECEMBER 19, 2018

What’s New
Inventory Control

  • MPL (Master Parts List) Upload Tool — Replaces manual input process, flags errors and reduces time to upload, all of which reduces turnaround time for customers’ inventory to ship. Specific features include:
    • - New Dashboard – Provides real-time updates to inventory personnel regarding MPL file upload status, including instructions on how to fix errors.
    • - Updated Master Parts Template – Includes new columns for transportation and country-specific regulations for parts attributes.

  • Functionality to reassign all exceptions at the master level, including when an exception is changed to IC Analyst Review. This change eliminates redundancy and improves speed to exceptions being reassigned and reworked — improves time to resolution.
  • Improved Inventory Parts Template
    • - Design change and layout.
    • - Functionality to switch between unique part templates without leaving the page.

Old View
Old View-1-1

New View
Parts Template GIF


  • Automated functionality to capture and display amount discrepancies on vendor invoices.
  • Automated functionality to charge per line for Cycle Counts.
  • Added POD Billing weight info to our Billing Report to be able to see what the actual weight was at time of delivery instead of going into each actual order to review POD weight 

Order Management

  • Functionality to select and add a part to a new order when searching – Streamlines process by eliminating the need to copy-and-paste.

Add Part to Order GIF

Partner Management

  • Complete UI (User Interface) overhaul to our Agent Database. Improvements include:Navigation from page to page and consolidation of some pages.
    • - New “Qualified” status – enables reusing an existing agent Flash Description (ie. TES-001).
    • - Enabled functionality to capture true warehouse space vs. occupied or utilized space.
    • - Enabled functionality to define if an agent is eligible for mapping.

Old View
Old Agent Main GIF

New View
New Agent View GIF

  • Redesigned Review Expected Parts page to include 3 new columns: PO#, Waybill, and Original Order # – This improves how the warehouses accept material into their locations. Future improvements will focus on expected parts management at each location.

Review Expected Parts

Order Management
All changes below are to have 1 single Order Update screen. Retiring the old update screen eliminates order issues within Precision, our automated export management system.

  • Revamped and relocated the Notes section within Order update. Changes includes:
    • - Moved Notes from under Main Actions dropdown to now directly on the page.
    • - Included a new “General” tab’ which holds all notes excluded from 3rd Party integration and Compliance notes.
    • - Included functionality to enter manual notes based on note type.

Order Mgmt Old View-1

  • Included 3rd party carrier integration (UPS, DHL, FedEx only) transit time alongside shipping details.

Advance Energy

  • Updated and removed data to improve the tracking and tracing on our International Shipment Tracking Report.
  • Added functionality to toggle between parts and tech orders, without having to leave the page to search for a specific order.

Order Info Detail Image

  • Changed location of tracking info under our POD Actions menu, for quicker access to view 3rd-party integrated courier tracking information.

Fedex POD Tracking GIF

  • Provided different search parameters to look up a part when adding to an existing order.

Add New Part GIF

  • Enabled Serial Number to be displayed under parts section without having to click on the expand function to review serial information for each part.

Serial Number

  •  Improved the Cross-dock feature – Added 2 functions:
    • - Sneak peek to the final destination order details before it’s generated.


  • A toggle feature that redirects you to the second leg order once it’s an active order.
    • - Improved grid alignment and readability of the Order Reference Changed History screen within orders – Enhances ability to manage and track changes made to orders more efficiently.
Order Reference Changed History
  • Improved the grid alignment and readability of our reference change history screen within orders to be able to manage more efficiently and track changes made to orders.
Old View New View Reference Changed History
  • Added functionality to see parts on cancelled orders.
Cancelled Parts GIF
  • Added 2 additional columns to Order Update screen for improved search results:
    • - Placed By
    • - Company name
Search Results
  • Improved aesthetics of Compliance Documents page:
    • - Expanded the description box
    • - Added the ability to include in a description based on the document type if you so choose, next browse and upload your document click OK and you’re done
    • - Included the ability to edit or delete your uploaded document

Compliance Documents
Internal Fixes

  • Included FSL Code for Warehouse Transfer orders when viewing on the Order Search and Update screen.
  • Fixed when saving reference details on order create to hold data and not remove when moving to next step of order creation process.
  • Fixed ‘Null’ pop-up message when reference History is selected via Order History.
  • Fixed where notes are saved, based on the note type selected:
    • - Fixed Shipment Notes to only display 3rd party courier information.
    • - Fixed date format, which was throwing off sort functionality.
  • Fixed responsibility field on exception resolution screen (Flash or Customer).
  • Fixed duplicate note entries under additional notes within the Exception Resolution screen.
  • Corrected functionality to attach files to exceptions, which currently wasn’t keeping the attachments when uploaded.
  • Fixed within Add/Edit Customer Order Type configuration screen to allow apostrophes in order type naming convention (apostrophes had been causing errors).
  • Fixed 3rd party courier integration (UPS, DHL, FedEx).
  • Fixed the ability for Case ID to carry throughout the life of an order when order type Exchange from Customer is used in new order entry.
  • Fixed/Enabled the ability to delete duplicate message mappings (which wasn’t working on Chrome).
  • Fixed duplication of Warehouse Data templates.
  • Removed inactive Receiving codes; now only active codes are displayed.
  • Fixed previous search results from being displayed once a search has been cleared using advanced search through Order Update screen.
  • Fixed same category value in Review Expected Parts page, which was throwing an error.
  • Fixed hold functionality on non-Precision customers, which was causing a pack and hold document to be sent to the warehouses for domestic shipments where all exceptions and holds were cleared. 

OCTOBER 17, 2018

What’s New


Added Max Character Limit feature to Warehouse Data Screen, to fix errors that were occurring due to additional character limit. In the near future, all screens with data fields will have this feature included.


Pricing – Manual Orders will be registered to a different GL Code. This will enable the ability to report and perform cost analysis to past and future revenue.


Global Command Center

We are making significant and exciting changes to our internal Order Update screen to improve user experience, optimization and overall aesthetics. Here are few changes included in this release:Added a 2nd leg as a hyperlink within the 1st leg after it has been POD, enabling the ability to navigate to the active 2nd leg order (Read only). Users no longer need to navigate from the order to search for the 2nd leg order.
Added additional part search criteria options within the Order Update screen, which can be used when the requirement is to add parts to an existing order.
Fixed domestic address validation. Errors were preventing users from creating customer orders.
Enabled the ability to switch between Part and Tech orders. This removes steps to come out of either order type to physically search for the other type. Saves valuable time when assisting customers.

Precision Compliance Log – Added filters to all column headers to improve navigation throughout the screen.
Awaiting Processing Screen – Redirect orders to open in the New Order Update screen. This will prevent orders from opening in the old update order screen, which caused errors with the integration to our export management system (Precision).


Internal fixes

Fixed Google API throwing errors for valid address which were preventing order creation.
Fixed spelling errors on a replenishment screen.

OCTOBER 2, 2018 


Global Command Center

Fixed browser compatibility issue that inadvertently removed address line 3 once the order was placed and viewed in the Order Update screen 

SEPTEMBER 26, 2018 

What’s New

Client Services

Included a “copy” feature to streamline the creation of message mapping per location by customer. 

Information Technology

Created a FlashTrac Banner Configuration Screen.

Provides a quick glance of news and planned features/enhancements related to FlashTrac. Banner appears once you’ve logged in to FlashTrac.
FlashTrac Configuration Screens


Inventory Control

Removed unused fields “Customer Expected Resolution Date and Time.” Also, aligned Table and Grid Alignment of Notes to improve readability.
Fixed the Responsibility Owner, based on exception type selected, preventing errors related to assigning responsibility of exceptions created by customers or Flash employees.
Added New IC status field, called “IC Analyst Review.” This will improve overall exception process to identify who is actually working on the exception.
Improved layout of Master and Individual Template Configuration, and included necessary flags to correlate with new MPL Upload tool.
Included Transaction History on Master Template Configuration screen.


Included service metric to capture kilograms and kilometers (instead of pounds and miles) for international shipments, to ensure customer invoices display the appropriate measurements.

Partner Management

RPL/DPL (Restricted Parties List / Denied Parties List) moved from Pack Complete to Order Open (Orders Originating from Union City Location Only!) The change will immediately remove the delay of orders missing SLAs and improve customer satisfaction.


Internal fixes

Fixed pop-up box appearing with no address history within the Order Update screen.
Fixed error message when warehouses are pending approval.
Fixed exception reassignment button not capturing attachments during exception creation.
Removed blank entries from warehouse selection when creating exception alerts.
Fixed Date Sort from Year/Month/Day to Month/Day/Year on Exception Tracking screen.
Fixed misspellings on the Order Info Detail page.
Fixed the ability to select multiple alerts at one time.
Fixed the region from disappearing when creating customer invoices.
Fixed the auto-uncheck if individual warehouses are unchecked and removed blank entries next to checkboxes on the Cycle Count screen.

AUGUST 22, 2018 



Couriers can now submit toll charges on the correct charge line when submitting their invoices, versus using Misc Charge Line. This eliminates redundant work for finance to figure out the actual charge.

Inventory Control

IC Control Tower filter fix for Cycle Counts, which will eliminate cycle counts being missed for active warehouses.

Partner Management

With the new implementation of our packing process there were some user requests that required some iterations to the screen. Here are a few that were released:Repositioned some buttons on Packing Audit screen to provide easier navigation.
Included packing stages (from start to complete) in the Order Notes, which are visible internally, as well as dims and weight for single and multiple cartons.
Automation of cursor placement enabling the users to move seamlessly through the packing screens.

Information Technology

Rebranded FlashTrac Mobile to TracStar:
TracStar Logo


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